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Garden fencing can act as both something decorative, or as something functional. However, here at MPL Gardens we like to think it can act as both. From keeping out intruders, all the way to providing space for an attractive climbing plant, you can't go far wrong with our fencing solutions.


To speak to our garden fencing experts and come up with a solution to suit your garden, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Wooden fencing throughout Barnet and wider

Exceptionally high standards

Our quality control and standards are always on the rise, which means you can expect 100% commitment  from our fence fitters all year round. The materials we use are sourced locally where possible, and our community spirit is second to none.

Here at MPL Gardens, we like to explain exactly what our services provide and how they can improve your garden or grounds


  • More protection from prying eyes

  • Creates natural boundaries

  • A space for a climbing plant

  • Keep out unwanted critters

  • Extra deterrent to potential intruders

To speak to one of the team about wooden fencing, call us on 0208 361 0492 or 07939 243 351

Why look into getting a fence fitted?

corner of a garden being fenced ornate fence panels with trellis setting larch lap fence panels in place